In house massage

Massage at Go Ski Meribel

In-house massage service is available in the comfort of your chalet from our massage therapist, Kristyna, who is available most days to help you ease your aching bodies back to normality.

Qualified and fully insured with 8 years of experience in massage therapy, Kristyna uses sports massage techniques which clients find to be particularly effective for restoring muscular balance, loostening overworked muscles and soothing aches and pains.


The apres-ski massage is the most popular and is designed specifically for skiers to work on their aching muscles after a hard day on the slopes and prepare them to make the most of the next one! It concentrates on the parts of the body that have been working hard during skiing (shoulders, lower back, back, legs and feet) using techniques to release those tight and aching areas.

1 Hour: This massage gives time for a full consultation with the client to assess what areas of the body need most attention, and an opportunity to work fully on those areas and the rest of the body to ensure rebalance ready for the next ski day.

30 Minutes QUICK SKI FIX: For the quick fix massage, the emphasis is on either the back and shoulders or legs and feet.


If you feel your body has taken enough hammering, either on the slopes or with a stressful time at work, you may prefer the relaxation massage .

This massage is designed to relax your over-stressed body, relieve muscle tensions, improve circulation and lymph drainage, and generally make you feel good in body and mind. It can be adapted to concentrate on areas you feel need special attention to provide an individual treatment.

1 Hour: This massage allows enough time for a full relaxation experience of the whole body, including the feet.

30 Minutes: Emphasis on the area of most muscle tension (usually upper back and shoulders or legs and feet).


Pre-book your massage on +447708178105 or email

We operate a 24hr cancellation policy.

Massage gift vouchers are also available.

All massages will be payable in euros to Kristyna.